Yay I quit smoking forever

Meant to post this earlier but didn't want to jinx it. After many idiotic pointless years (I'm too embarrassed to admit how many) of smoking cigarettes, I have finally and permanently quit it.

Perhaps the most embarrassing factor was just how easy it was to quit. I used the Allen Carr method which is just amazing; rationalises all of your stupid irrationality and makes it painless.

Only had one craving since, but that was within the first three weeks, which is quite normal as the nicotine is still present in your bloodstream apparently. Have been around other smokers and had a beer etc and I haven't remotely been interested in smoking when in these situations.

Didn't really have any kind of explosion of joy after realising I was properly over it. More a kind of: "oh, so that's done with then. doh".

And I haven't really noticed a big change in my taste or smell, but then I was never a heavy smoker.

However there has been a noticeable improvement in my cardiovascular performance in the gym and running which is obviously to be expected. Really really pleased with this in particular. It was getting back into running again after a long injury-related absence that prompted me to quit smoking for good.

Here's to living longer, maybe.

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