Think I've figured out how to use blogs

I set this blog up a few months ago and like 99% of fresh blogs on the internet I've barely used it. Which is pretty annoying as I was so aware of this going in and wanted to avoid it.

I think I've been put off writing technical posts by the daunting prospect of:

  • Having to fact-check everything for complete accuracy
  • Make sure I have references or source code to back up what I'm saying
  • Make sure it's "worth" writing about, i.e. documenting a reasonably unique journey of discovery with conclusions
  • Providing images, diagrams, graphs etc etc
  • The time required; sometimes one or two full days of writing

Generally speaking, I intend to adhere to the above. But I feel like I'm missing so much of my work and ideas simply because they aren't fully fleshed out and I've placed those above rigid requirements on them. Sometimes those ideas are completed to fruition (and get a good write-up somewhere) but more commonly, they get sidelined and forgotten about. Which is a shame.

But I had a thought this morning during that wonderful transition between subconscious sleep-thought and waking lucid consciousness (which - incidentally - seems to be when I'm getting all my ideas and solutions recently). The thought was to use my personal blog here as more of a casual diary/journal and use my Medium account for the more rounded, polished and conclusion-like posts. Makes sense rite.

So from now on it'll just be shorter tidbits of stuff about anything not just programming.

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